Practice Areas


MEDINALEGAL combines a specialized and quality consulting service in legal and technical assistance, with an interdisciplinary approach, consisting of a team of environmental, social, urban development specialists, environmental law academics, as well as technicians, lawyers and professionals of complementary disciplines experts to offer services in diverse matters, among which stand out: environment, urban development, sustainable development, territorial ordering, real estate development, tourist infrastructure, energy sector, social management, regulatory improvement, impact indicators and training.
The mission of MEDINALEGAL is to contribute to the development of sustainable businesses, being a reference in the fields of consulting and works, offering our clients the best service, adapted to their needs and personalized, always seeking their full satisfaction in the development of the projects, emphasizing the efficient use of all resources.

Since its foundation, MEDINALEGAL has dedicated its efforts to satisfy the needs of our clients and to achieve success in their projects, gaining their trust. The experience acquired in these years in a wide array of industries and sectors, such as real estate, manufacturing, energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, food and the public sector, put us in a unique position to offer a integral assistance since the project is merly an idea until completion.


  • Environmental and urban development.
  • Sustainable development.
  • Energy sector and social management, which includes social impact management.
  • Regional planning.
  • Training of personnel of the companies for the proper application of the normativity in environmental matter.
  • Litigation and constitutional law (Juicio de Amparo).
  • Research projects for the public sector (federal, state and municipal government).


At MEDINALEGAL we go by the firm conviction that the technical and legal advice is to encourage the federal, state and municipal authorities in environmental and urban development issues to consider that one of their priorities is unrestricted compliance with environmental and urban regulations and, if needed, to anull or revoke illegal acts.

Therefore, a responsible advisory must inform its clients that the legal defense seeks to nullify or revoke acts of authority, and especially fines and technical measures, but finally will have to comply with the obligations established by environmental regulations.
MEDINALEGAL provides its clients with a good strategy of integral counseling that, at the same time that the legal defense is assumed, we advise both technically and legally our clients in the compliance of the environmental obligations, and even if the authority exercises the surpervision acts after they have been annulled or revoked by MEDINALEGAL, the Authority will find that our clients are fully compliant with the environmental laws and regulations.